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The Pressure Watch has the same shut off function as an ordinary Emergency Shut-Off Valve Box. Behind the plexiglass you can find quick couplings and gauges. The quick couplings are used to connect spare cylinders with regulators and emergency supply hoses.To inform the hospital staff regarding gas failures the Pressure Watch is equipped with sensors for one of the following alarm systems; 1) – pressure switches that you connect to Gas alar


FEATURES 316L SS Machined Wetted Parts Large sensitive elastomeric diaphragm 0,1 bar to 10 bar / 1,5 psi to 150 psi control range Minimal decaying inlet pressure effect For flow rates to 240Nm³/hr (@ max P2)


Fitted between the cylinder and the regulator, preventing freezing inside the regulator.


As the field-proven standard for a range of applications, Hitach Metal's® FC-R7700 series delivers precise flow control while offering the economic benefits of elastomer seals. FEATURES Elastomer seals VCR®, VCO®, and Swagelok® compatible connections Full-scale flow ranges from 10 sccm to 200 slm Normally-closed or normally-open solenoid control valve Leak integrity of 1x10-6 atm-cc/sec of He BENEFITS Fast response -

SAM® 1480/2480 G4 SERIES

G4 models is the most advanced MFC meeting or exceeding the demand of the actual and also the next generation of semiconductor production. FEATURES Multi-gas, multi-range selection Pressure-insensitive operation Valve shut-off function In-line integrated flow verification system Self celibration function LCD display (temp, pressure, set, output) easifies control routines BENEFITS Great inlet pressure change insensitivity Allows on


This highly advanced SAM® brand model with advanced sensor and valve technology, field-proven components and high-speed, digital circuitry delivers presice flow control even at very low flow rate down to 1 SCCM. Designed with field-proven components and high-speed digital circuitry, FX has achieved superior reliability performance with < 0,5 % zero drift over one year and superior repeatability of 0,06 % of full scale. Comprehensive commu


Aera®FC-DR980 series digital MFCs (mass flow controllers) and MFMs (mass flow meters) deliver performance excellence and operational versatility, resulting in significant cost savings and ease of use. FEATURES Multi-gas, multi-range selection* Analog, analog/digital, and digital modes Piezoelectric control valves Multipl alarm and dianostic capabilities Metal seals, with a 1 × 10-10 leak integrity Electropolished and ultra-clea


Worldwide, the Aera name is synonymous with high-quality, highperforming designs that are backed by exceptionally responsive customer service. FEATURES Multi-gas, multi-range selection Fast response All-metal seals Field programmable* Wide range of gas selection without recalibration* DeviceNet, RS-485, or analog control Multiple alarm and diagnostic capabilities RoHS compliant *Available in multi-gas, multi-range Transformer MFCs

SAM® SFC-1580/1680F SERIES

SFC-1580/1680 series is the high temperature version of compact digital Mass Flow Controllers. A separate control unit with heat proofed connection, a lower sensor heating temperature, and high temperature piezo-stack are used. A simple valve structure, which does not compress and expand gas, prevents re-condensation. FEATURES Higher operating temperature 150 °C Built-in structure to prevent recondensation Fast response < 1 sec flow


Hitachi Metals Area® FC-R7800 series delivers precise flow control, as well as the corrosion resistance and high leak integrity of metal seals, to suit the majority of gas-controlled applications. FEATURES Corrosion-resistant design Metal seals VCR®, Swagelok® compatible connections Full-scale flow ranges from 10 sccm to 200 slm Normally-closed or normally -open solenoid control valve Leak integrity of 1 × 10-10 atm-cc/